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Our Services

By offering experienced management in all of our departments and personal relationships with important stakeholders, you can count on our proven leadership to complete your projects in a timely manner. From simple acquisitions, to new and out of the box projects, Peace Country Land Ltd. has a proven track record of deliverying exceptional services to help our clients navigate the ever evolving regulatory process. 


Project Management

  • Survey Coordination and On-site Representation

  • Preliminary Wellsite and Access Road Site Selection

  • Preliminary Pipeline and Utility Right of Way Routing

Crown Land Acquisition

  • Alberta Energy Regulator Application Specialists (OneStop)

  • Alberta  Ministry of Environment & Protected Areas Application Specialists (EDS)

  • Aggregate Development Applications (SME/SMC/SML)

  • Land Withdrawal Requests/Consents

  • Consent of Occupant Acquisition

  • CLR Reservation Consent

  • Historic Resources Applications


Freehold Land Acquisition

  • Surface Lease and Right-of-Way Aquisition

  • Fee Simple Road Acquisition

  • Damage Estimates and Claim Settlements

  • Annual Rental Review and Reduction

  • Land Title Registration

  • Surface Rights Negotiations

  • Right of Entry Applications

Indigenous Engagement & Consultation

  • Indigenous/Metis engagement and consultation that meets all ACO requirements representing clients in a clear and transparent manner that facilitates relationship building.

  • On-Site Representation and Site Visit Coordination

  • Support clients to address challenges encountered during the consultation process and assist with guidance for mitigation measures.

  • Effective processes and data management to ensure that all ACO requirements are completed to successfully conclude consultation within the requirements of the ACO.


Environmental Services

  • Environmental Site Inspections

  • On-Site Representation

  • Complete Environmental Inputs for Crown Applications

  • Completion of Code of Practice Notifications

  • Wetland Assessments

  • Hydro-Technical Reports (pipeline crossings & culvert design)

  • Water Act Approvals

  • Hydraulic Analysis associated with Water Act Approvals

  • Aquatics & Fisheries Assessments

  • Wildlife Assessments / Pre-Consultation Wildlife Sweeps

  • Generate LAT/EDP reports for AER / AEPA applications

  • Commercial Environmental Site Assessments – Phase I & II

  • ERP field representation

Public Disclosure & Consultation

  • Regulatory Specialists AER, AUC, and CER

  • Participant Involvement Programs 

  • Flaring Programs

  • Community Engagement and conflict management


Third Party Engagement

  • Third Party Requests

  • Road Use Requests

  • Land Withdrawal Requests

  • Reclamation Consents

  • Third Party Reporting

  • Development Permit Applications

Renewable / Green Energy

  • Wind Monitoring Sites

  • Greenhouses

  • Hydrogen Processing

  • Solar

Sustainable Energy

Additional Services

  • PLSR, AMI, Titles, CLR, Corporate Searches

  • ABADATA Mapping

  • Pandell Projects

  • Municipal Mapping Tools

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